Municipal Corporation Rishikesh
1.Company Profile, Introduction to Kiran Software Solutions
2.Detail Present Scenario of Street Vendors in ULB Rishikesh
3.Scope of Work
4.Approach , Methodology & Plan
5.Rate of Work and Rate of Other Bidders

7.Timeline of Work

8.Flow Chart of CSVP
9.Training of Staff
10.Support and Maintenance


1.Total Numbers of Ward IN Rishikesh MC Area: 39.
2.Total Population of MC  :179,977 (Census 2011  )
3. Total Registered Vendor in MC Area: 2263.
4. Major Populated Area of Street Vendor in ward No. 6,7, 11, 19, & --Madhav Chowk.
5.Nil Population of Street Vendor in Ward No. 30, 32, 38,39,

6. Vending Categorization :

A. Vending Zone ,

B.  Night Vending Zone,

C. No Vending .

D. Restricted Vending Zone .

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